CROpod Saves the Union

September 18, 2014

It's your NFSE version of the CROpod, straight out of a wind tunnel and into your headphones as you wait to cast your vote on Thursday morning. Shane, Chris and Alan talk about a few weeks of football, Alexander's meandering story line, Hodor, Mike Ashley's piggy bank, currency exchange rates, and the pluses and minuses of owning a black leather(?) jacket.

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CROpod Spirit Quest Journey

August 22, 2014

Your latest episode of the CROpod has Shane joined by Peter and a season debut from Marcus. Lots of football to discuss, some shipyards, ice bucket challenges, other business. Sadly, the audio for the regular questions segment burned up on the reel and the tape was not salvageable. But hey, the levels finally sound about right.

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CROpod How No?

July 31, 2014

The boys are back with the Mad Canadian himself along for the ride. Shane, Alan, Chris and McAdam are joined by Toronto's finest, Mr Ross EJ Hendry, to discuss the last fixture, what those board statements actually meant, take loads of your questions, discuss some secondhand news, and get on out the door.

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CROpod Artificial Surface

July 24, 2014

Back for a new episode with some fresh legs as Peter Ewart rejoins Shane, Alan and Alex to talk about the North American tour, the few off the field happenings, raging tims, take some questions, and then get out the door.

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Return of the CROpod

July 11, 2014

After three months off it's the Return of the CROpod as we mark episode number 75 and the beginning of Season 3. Shane is joined by Andy, Alan, Chris and CROpod newcomer Alex to talk... well, to talk. It's a mess but fuck cares. Your CROpod is back.

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CROpod Mo Edu

May 2, 2014

Shane Nicholson had a chance to sit down with Maurice Edu in Chicago for a talk about his return to MLS, the difficult decision to leave Rangers, memories of teammates, THAT goal and more.

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CROpod East Fife

April 9, 2014

CROpod's back to stave off your withdrawals. Shane, Peter, Chris and Marcus talk about something that happened last Sunday, Ally's reign and broken records, season ticket renewals, fan membership schemes, eulogize the passing of a legend and then get on out.

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CROpod Defamatory

March 24, 2014

A rather dragging edition of the CROpod finds Shane, Chris, Peter and Marcus searching in vain for something to get passionate about. Football, suing fans, Kris Boyd, suing other people, Stephen Thompson, more lawsuits, just the usual fare for your Monday.

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CROpod Midweek Rangers First

March 20, 2014

A special edition of the Midweek show welcomes Richard Atkinson of Supporters Direct Scotland to discuss the Rangers First project with Shane and Peter. We try to cover it all in 35 minutes to make sure you know just what Rangers First is and why you should get involved in it.

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CROpod Jimmy’s Pancake Emporium

March 17, 2014

The CROpod returns from another week off to talk about a bunch of pretty boring football, CHAMPIONS, kids, Peralta, other stuff, Jack, Dave King, Union of Fans, all that business, some more stuff, other things, questions, scores and then we go home.

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