CROpod East Fife

April 9, 2014

CROpod's back to stave off your withdrawals. Shane, Peter, Chris and Marcus talk about something that happened last Sunday, Ally's reign and broken records, season ticket renewals, fan membership schemes, eulogize the passing of a legend and then get on out.

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CROpod Defamatory

March 24, 2014

A rather dragging edition of the CROpod finds Shane, Chris, Peter and Marcus searching in vain for something to get passionate about. Football, suing fans, Kris Boyd, suing other people, Stephen Thompson, more lawsuits, just the usual fare for your Monday.

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CROpod Midweek Rangers First

March 20, 2014

A special edition of the Midweek show welcomes Richard Atkinson of Supporters Direct Scotland to discuss the Rangers First project with Shane and Peter. We try to cover it all in 35 minutes to make sure you know just what Rangers First is and why you should get involved in it.

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CROpod Jimmy’s Pancake Emporium

March 17, 2014

The CROpod returns from another week off to talk about a bunch of pretty boring football, CHAMPIONS, kids, Peralta, other stuff, Jack, Dave King, Union of Fans, all that business, some more stuff, other things, questions, scores and then we go home.

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CROpod Collects Spores, Molds and Fungus

March 4, 2014

CROpod returns following a busy week off the pitch. Shane, Chris, Marcus and Ross run through the past couple games, Dave King swinging the big stick, a myriad of statements from the board, the Union of Fans movement, are joined by a special guest for a brief spell, then mosey on out.

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CROpod Prodigal Son

February 24, 2014

The CROpod is back after a two week break, and joining Shane, Peter and Chris for the first time in a number of months is our own Andy McGowan. The boys talk about the last two matches, fan ownership developments, why the fuck we need loan to make it through til season books drop, cover a tremendous Ask Andy segment, and take the first two submissions for 'Am I A Worst Cunt?' before getting predictions for this week's matches.

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CROpod Probes Deep

February 10, 2014

CROpod returns from its Super Bowl holiday to probe deep into the past two weeks at Rangers. Shane, Chris, Peter and Marcus break down the last two matches, the favourable cup draw, a relatively slow time behind the scenes, dive deep into the psyche of Mr Ewart, get the predictions and get out.

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CROpod Midweek but Slightly More Entertaining

January 30, 2014

A special edition of the Midweek show has Shane joined by Ross Hendry and David Griffths to talk about, well, mostly the financial and operational side of the football club. If you're looking for the regular Midweek show about the football this won't be your bag of tricks.

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CROpod Looks On the Bright Side

January 27, 2014

CROpod returns from its one-week hiatus with Shane, Alan, Peter, Chris and a refreshed Marcus to cover the past couple of matches, the passing of one of our many chartered accountants, some top AskAldos, Dave King's next move, get some predictions and get out. Added bonus: A highlights package dedicated to Bwian to kick off the show!

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CROpod Allegedly

January 13, 2014

It's Monday, and that means it's time for your CROpod... allegedly. Shane, Chris, Ross and Alan break down the 2-0 win over East Fife, run through a few stories from the past week, answer your questions on decorating and cinematography, then roll on out.

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